Storm Damage Photo Gallery

green SERVPRO equipment on concrete floor

What do I do if my home floods?

1. Do not enter the property until a professional electrician and restoration company has been called to disconnect the power and assess the situation. 

2. Have a professional restoration company perform emergency services to prevent secondary damages from happening. You should also contact your insurance company to check on your coverage. 

3. Once all of the water is removed and the wet materials are cut out (if needed), drying equipment must be placed and monitored until completion of the job. 

industrial grade fans on concrete

Flood damage in home

This home had massive amounts of water come thorough after a heavy storm in the area. Our team quickly arrived and began the extraction process. It is important to remove all affected materials and not let the water sit for a very long period of time. 

damaged building materials on front lawn

Storm Cleanup and Restoration

This is a picture of our team working on storm cleanup. No matter what time of year, we have teams prepared to travel and help. We can never prepare for when but we can for what happens. 

damaged materials up and down residential road

Storm Cleanup Restoration

SERVPRO of Bloomington / Richfield traveled to Houston, Texas to help with flood damage work. Our team worked for several weeks, helping homeowners get their properties clean and debris removed. Many homes were damaged as a result of the flooding.

damaged building materials and mattresses on front lawn

Storm Restoration

This is a picture of debris from Hurricane Harvey, that our team traveled to help out with. Many homes were affected by the flooding and we spent much of our time drying and removal affected content. 

damaged materials up and down residential road

Storm Cleanup Team

Our team recently headed south to help with storm cleanup. We were quick to respond and begin with the cleanup process. Our storm is available to help anywhere locally and nationwide, 365 days a year.