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Fire Damage Testimonials

Dear Cliff,

As I go about putting my life back together, I keep coming across evidence of the wonderful work you and your team did for me! I appreciate the thoughtful care that you gave to my clothes and other possessions, and all the washing of walls, woodwork and cupboards that removed the soot. Also I see that you repainted many surfaces where the smell had soaked in. Now everything seems clean and fresh.

You addressed the issue of having to remove my favorite wallpapers with sensitivity and added just the right color to the surfaces that had to be painted! You were treating my house if it was your own, and besides that you made a major effort to get me back in. My family next door saw the teams of people coming and going in an all out push to get me in by Christmas. I certainly appreciated that!

Getting back into my house was wonderful…everything sparkled and there were even flowers on the table and in the kitchen. Will you tell all the people on your team how much I appreciate all their hard work.


Martha N.

"I may only hope that I find the correct verbiage to convince you without question that every SERVPRO associate I had the personal pleasure to meet and interact with, are, in short, the BEST! I am a retired Detective Sergeant of the New York City Police Department and a resident of Minneapolis, MN for the past 22 years. I 'read' people quickly and very accurately.

As 'out of it' as I was at our initial meeting, I shook your hands, looked each of you directly in the eye, and understood, without question, that you were there to 'serve', 'protect', and 'get the job done'. I was SAFE in your hands and therefore, I place myself in them without further question. I never placed a phone call that your project manager was not there to answer.

It never failed to astound me how often you would just appear at the house to make sure that all was going as planned and promised. In short...... you each possess the highest professional integrity and follow through I have ever experienced. A terrible moment in my life has given me the special opportunity and personal pleasure to have met each of you....and, for this, I am most grateful.

You are the jewels in the crown of SERVPRO. I am back in my home because of each of you, as your ad says, "Like it never even happened."