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Water Damage, Removal and Restoration Advice

9/5/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage, Removal and Restoration Advice

Water damage is one of the worst-case scenarios for a home or business owner. There are many potential causes of water damage. It can occur from ground water after heavy rains or a cresting river. It can be caused by plumbing issues such as a pipe break, leaky pipes, over-flowing toilets and tubs or even a supply line break. A flooded home can be one of the worst possible things an owner has to deal with. Whatever the cause, it is best to contact a professional restoration company for restoration and water cleanup.

When dealing with water damage or flood damage, time is of the essence. It is vital to contact a restoration company immediately for damage mitigation. The longer the problem persists, the more damage will be done. A good restoration company will help you with each step of the process for water in home or water in business locations.

The restoration company you choose should start with a water damage assessment. Then the water extraction and water cleanup can begin. The water in your flooded home will be sucked up and pumped out of the location. Next, they will begin drying your affected areas and items. The drying process will be done to walls, carpets, furniture and more. The next step in your restoration will be the cleaning of your damaged items. This may include all of the previously mentioned items, as well as books, clothes and other personal items.

Following the water cleanup, drying and other restoration processes, the company will next work on mold and mildew mitigation. They will cleanup any affected areas to remove mold and mildew and then treat areas to prevent their return. Once these restoration processes are complete, the company should next look to fixing the source of water in home or water in business locations. Locating the source of the leak or water-proofing the home will prevent future flood damage.

A flooded home can lead to a lot of structural damage. Most restoration companies will be able to repair these as well, or refer you to a good construction company that can. Whether you experience a pipe break, supply line break or flood damage, you should be able to file a home-owners insurance claim. The water cleanup and drying processes may even be fully covered, depending how your type of insurance coverage. Water in business locations may be different from water in home locations when it comes to insurance claims. A good restoration company can generally help with filing claims.

For water in home locations or water in business locales, contacting a professional company right away will actually save you money and issues in the long run. Fixing a supply line break, pipe break and flood damage should always be done as soon as possible. This is why its important to research restoration companies and have someone in mind before a problem strikes. This can help with the mitigation of more damage and future issues.

When choosing a good restoration company, pay attention to companies that have been in the business for a long time. A company that has survived for a long time can only have done so if they do good work. This also means they will have more experience dealing with any situation, such as pipe breaks, supply line breaks or whatever else that causes your water damage. An experienced business will be better at the mitigation of future problems in your flooded home. Be sure to choose a company that is insured and that can respond to your needs immediately. It's also a good idea to do business with company's that can give you an estimate up front.
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Fire Damage Restoration Services Explained

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Fire Damage Restoration Services Explained

Fire in home and fire in business can have devastating damage on the property as well as emotional distress to the home or business owner. It leaves the occupants of a building feeling hopeless and depressed.It is doubtful that a homeowner can handle the necessary cleanup to restore the home to its initial condition. This is where a commercial fire damage company comes in.

A fire restoration crew will help you retain the preserve your belongings, and the value of your fire damage restoration is necessary to get your business or home back to its original form. The restoration companies have sufficient knowledge of fire damage and the seriousness of the situation. The fire cleanup experts use their knowledge and equipment to achieve recovery. They can handle all damages associated with fire including fire damage itself, smoke damage, soot damage, and treat smoke smell problems.

Damage assessment

Fire damage restoration experts will first analyze the damage left by the fire in business or fire in home. They will assess the smoke and soot left by the inferno. Soot and smoke prevail after the fire has been extinguished, and it helps the experts establish the nature of the fire. The assessment allows soot damage experts determine the graveness of the damage and facilitate the decision of what needs restoration and what has to be discarded. Carrying this assessment without any expert know-how is not advisable since not everything that looks okay can be salvaged. Fire cleanup experts can identify and restore some things in your premise that appear damaged. Soot damage experts can also determine the type of smoke damage. There are different kinds of smoke such as wet smoke, dry smoke, protein smoke and smoke from burning oil. All these kinds of smoke require a different type of treatment.

Water removal

The process of putting out the fire in home and fire in business often leaves behind a lot of water used for putting out the blaze. This water if left in the house can cause further damage and foster mold growth. The fire restoration company starts by removing the water from the establishment and dry the place to achieve the best restoration results.


Smoke damage is inevitable where fire damage occurs. In the case of fire in home or fire in business, porous materials can absorb smoke and retain smoke smell. Examples of such material include carpets, dry wall, and certain kinds of furniture made of porous material. The fire cleanup experts normally carry out a thorough deodorization of fabrics including apparels, draperies, carpets, and furniture to eliminate smoke smell. The smoke smell can linger on fabrics for an extended period if not properly deodorized. The fire restoration company utilizes potent compounds that target smoke molecules to neutralize the odor. Depending on the degree of deodorization, fire restoration professionals frequently use industrial grade ozone generators to eliminate soot, smoke, and odor effectively. The soot damage and smoke smell experts usually use EPA approved deodorizers and ozone to restore materials such that they are free from smoke smell.

Thermal forging

Apart from eliminating soot and smoke damage from fabric, fire damage may extend underneath the walls. If the case is severe, fire damage restoration experts normally turn to thermal forging. Thermal frogging utilized equipment that removes smoke odor trapped inside the walls.

Apart from fabrics and walls, the restoration company often assesses other parts to ensure appropriate fire cleanup and restoration. Commercial fire damage services may also replace vents, ducts, and attic insulation depending on the degree of fire damage. A deep inspection by a restoration company will provide property owners with a clear picture of what can be retrieved and what needs replacement.

Board up and other services

Fire in home and fire in business can consume a lot of your property. Fire damage restoration can provide board up services for your property. They will board up all the windows and doors that do not lock properly because of fire damage. They will also ensure they board up all openings in the roof and on the walls. The board up should prevent looting while you are away and protect your home from rain which can damage the remaining property. Other services include quick cleaning of clothing, pack-outs and creating a digital inventory of your belongings.


Fire restoration companies can help devour structure affected by fire beyond repair. There is no need to worry about the scattered debris or the mess arising from the demolition process. The commercial fire damage experts will collect and dispose all the debris from the restoration process.

They help with insurance claims

A commercial fire damage company can assist prepare an estimate for you to submit to your insurance provider. Always file your insurance claim as soon as possible to help in the recovery. Delayed submissions often result in delayed payments which can cause frustration and inconvenience when handling the restoration process. Visit for more information on fire damage.

All about Mold Damage Remediation and Restoration

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All about Mold Damage Remediation and Restoration

For most people around the world, being able to live their lives in a clean and safe environment is key whether one is living in their own home or renting one. It is therefore important that one makes a point to regularly check for any mold growth around their house and also in their places of work. Commercial mold damage can also occur in factories or buildings either as a result of torrential rains and flooding or after large amounts of water have been used to put out a fire.

Mold is a type of fungus that grows on surfaces or areas that are dark and damp. Mold in home can easily go unnoticed if one is not careful, causing serious health implications for the people living there. Mold growth can present as mildew, a fungus that is whitish and grows on very wet surfaces. It can also appear as black mold, dry rot in some areas around the house, or mold growth behind wall in the dark and commonly ignored sections of the house like in an attic. Other places that are not too conspicuous in a room, for example, under wall papers and ceiling tiles also provide a good environment for mildew,fungus and mold growth. In most commercial settings, one can find mold growth behind wall in places where large machinery is put. Dry rot is also common in factories.

Mold damage can spread very quickly, and active mitigation steps and remediation of affected goods is highly advised. If one notices a smelly odor in a room, they can quickly look for any signs of black rot in the room. One can also check for mold growth behind wall and on any furniture. Black mold can also be found on books. One can then consult a restoration company to assist with remediation and mitigation of the affected places.

Mold removal should never be done without professional help. This is because the fungus can easily spread from one room to another. A restoration company can take air samples before and after mold removal to ensure all fungus, mildew and smelly odor are removed and proper mitigation was done.

It is important for one to consult a restoration company whenever commercial mold damage is noticed, and quick and complete mold removal is required. A mold damage remediation company can inspect the extent of damage and proceed to mold removal and mitigation while making sure the black mold or dry rot does not spread to the other nearby rooms. A restoration company is also able to advise on deodorization and remediation steps to take to prevent mold in home and commercial mold damage in the future. One should also ensure proper aeration in places where mold growth behind wall is found as well as regular checks and deodorization.

After mold removal has been done, in most cases the smelly odor that comes with mold in home will go away. Deodorization can then be done to ensure the no smelly odor from the black mold or the dry rot is left in the room. This can also be done where commercial mold damage has been experienced. Deodorization can be done on furniture and any equipment where remediation has been done to ensure all fungus, mildew and mold in home get eliminated.

If the restoration company does a thorough job, which should be the case, the mold damage problem would be dealt with once and for all. It is, however, imperative that regular checks and follow up be conducted to avoid any further mold in home or commercial mold damage instances. The restoration company professionals should advise on the necessary mitigation steps that should be followed to prevent possible mold damage and eliminate mold growth if any signs have been noticed.
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Tips for Choosing An Effective Water Damage Restoration Company

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

Tips for Choosing An Effective Water Damage Restoration Company

Whenever floods occur or certain pipes in your building burst accidentally due to human error or natural causes, you're likely to face overwhelming water damage or flood damage disaster that may accrue substantial losses if not handled properly. Most homeowners and managers of commercial buildings make the mistake of trying a DIY water damage or water cleanup mitigation process. The downside of opting for cheaper options is the end result, especially if the cleanup process is not handled comprehensively.

Furthermore, hiring a handyman without the necessary skill-set or equipment to handle hazardous wastewater or flood damage can have residual negative effects to the handler, the building, and its occupants after the poor cleanup exercise. Therefore, it's only prudent to hire professionals with the right tools, experience, and expertise in dealing with water in home or water in business restoration processes. Whatever the cause of the water in home or water in business and the degree of its severity, the best recourse is hiring the best water damage mitigation professionals.

Industry Certified

Make certain that the water in home or water in business restoration technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICR) and the Restoration Industry Association (RIA). Anyone claiming to be a professional without certification from these bodies could be a fake restoration professional and shouldn't be entertained near your property.

Use referrals

Consult with close friends and family members who have dealt with a recent water in home or water in business damage in the recent past. The insurance company that carries your homeowner's insurance policy can also offer you viable options of reputable companies that have handled flooded home damages in your locality. However, an insurance company may refer you to a water damage flooded home mitigation company that offers a cheap solution to clients who have flooded home problems instead of the best quality. Hence, to solve your flood damage comprehensively, you ought to shop around carefully for the best service provider.

Rapid response time

Flood damage in a home can escalate so quickly and cause extensive losses, especially when mold starts building up after a few hours. If you're a experiencing a supply line break or pipe break that keeps pouring water on your yard or a flooded home, you need to get immediate help before the problem gets out of hand. If the water damage company doesn't offer a prompt response, skip it regardless of whether it's in your locality. The key to solving the issue is hiring a professional water in home or water in business restoration company that provides rapid response whenever contacted by potential clients.

Quote and type of services provided

Avoid companies that promise to give you a quote or price estimate over the phone before assessing the situation. A flood damage, supply line break, or pipe break differs from one home to another, and thus the professional has to offer you an estimate after evaluating the entire damage. The flood damage and water cleanup restoration company should also explain the type of services that he will provide to restore your supply line break or pipe break during the water cleanup mitigation process. Even if the restoration company charges for its services on an hourly basis, it ought to give you a valid estimate of how long the water cleanup and drying can take.


Choose a water restoration and drying company that has years of experience in handling flooded home problems such as fixing pipe break and supply line break issues. An experienced company will help you in expediting the claims process for your insurance company after the water cleanup. The restoration company should also have the latest drying, pump outs and extraction equipment for aiding the water cleanup process adequately. Remember, if the drying is not done properly, you'll start experiencing other problems like mildew and mold growth.
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Fire Damage Restoration Tips for Homeowners

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Fire Damage Restoration Tips for Homeowners

Upon hiring a fire cleanup team to remedy the fire damage left behind after a fire in business or a fire in home, you gain peace of mind and assurance that the professionals will get your building back in safe, usable condition again. But, this isn't to say there isn't plenty of worry in the back of your mind. Like any property owner, fire damage restoration is something that you want done quickly and efficiently, and don't mind getting your hands dirty to see that happen. But, when there is fire damage in the home or business, leaving fire cleanup to the pros might just be the best remedy. Smoke damage, the smoke smell, and soot damage are all left behind in the aftermath of a fire, and all bring potential consequences your way.

Does this mean you cannot initiate any of the fire damage restoration yourself after a fire in business or your home? There are a few things that you can do after commercial fire damage or a fire in home, but for the most part, the job is best left to the professionals who are equipped with the safety tools and equipment needed to safely get the job done.

If you want to help clean up after a fire in home or commercial fire damage, keep the following tips in mind:

- Call a restoration company as soon as possible, as well as the insurance company, after a fire in business or home. A restoration company restores the facility to pre-fire condition while salvaging any items that haven't succumbed to the fire but may have smoke damage. The fire damage restoration professionals work diligently to revive your place during fire cleanup, ensuring that fire damage doesn't get the best of you.

- Wear protective clothing and a face mask when re-entering the building. Remember, re-enter only when the fire department or building officials okay you to do so. When you go inside the building, soot damage, smoke damage, and the smoke smell are all potential dangers that can affect you, but the protective gear adds a layer of much-needed protection.

- Board up of the windows, doors, and basement is a service provided by the restoration company upon request. Whether you've experienced a fire in home or commercial fire damage, board up services are beneficial since they protect you in multiple ways. A board up job protect people from entering the facility, which is important for both commercial fire damage and residential damage. The board up job also protects the fire from restarting and prevents the smoke smell from traveling outside the building.

- When you re-enter the building after fire damage ensure that you do so with caution. Although the flames are gone, soot damage, smoke damage, and the smoke smell are still present and a realistic threat to your safety. Structural damage is possible after fire damage, putting you at risk when inside the building. Watch every step that you make, and understand the potential dangers that lurk around you.

- Do not touch anything in the building after a fire in business or your home! You could very well transmit toxins when touching items affected with soot damage. Additionally, keeping things intact is beneficial when the insurance company arrives to assess the damage. Fire damage restoration starts only when the agent has evaluated the scene.

Although you never want to experience a fire, knowing what to do after fire damage can save time, frustration, and headache during the fire cleanup process. Use the above tips together with a great restoration company, and you'll soon get your life back to normal.
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How to Locate and Handle Mold Damage at Home or Work

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How to Locate and Handle Mold Damage at Home or Work

Mold damage is a problem following flood damage, but mold growth doesn’t need flood waters to occur. Mold growth can occur anytime there is a presence of moisture anywhere in a home or office in which there is enough warmth and humidity to foster growth. This fungus needs nothing more than a little moisture to grow, and that’s something many people don’t realize. If there is a flood, it’s imperative to remove water and properly dry it right away to prevent mold growth and mold damage, but it’s not the only thing people should watch for when locating commercial mold damage.

Signs of Commercial Mold Damage and Mold in the Home

Mold growth is likely following a flood, but it’s also likely following a leak. The problem is many people have no idea there is a leak in the wall, and there is mold growth behind walls for days or even weeks without their knowledge. Mold growth behind walls is dangerous because no one knows it is there, and it can spread fast. Once it grows, mold damage spreads in under 72 hours. Mildew, fungus, dry rot, and a smelly odor might alert home or business owners to mold growth behind walls, and it’s important to recognize the signs.

Mildew growing anywhere is a problem. Mildew might not be mold, but it’s similar in the way it grows. It needs the same conditions as mold, which means seeing mildew indicates mold is already a problem or will become a problem. The same goes for dry rot. It doesn’t mean there is mold present all the time, but it does require a lot of moisture to occur, which is why dry rot is something home and business owners must handle. Any form of dry rot is a sign there is excess moisture in the home. It’s best to call a professional mold removal restoration company for the proper mitigation and remediation techniques right away.

Smelly odor issues occur often when mold growth behind the walls occurs. The first assumption is deodorization can handle a smelly odor, but it’s a musty odor that is only covered up for a while with deodorization. There’s nothing wrong with using deodorization to make a smelly odor seems more pleasant, but it doesn’t get rid of mold growth. It’s especially dangerous to ignore this odor if it’s black mold growing in the wall. Most people don’t know what kind of mold growth is present, but black mold is a big health concern.

Health Concerns Regarding Mold in the Home and Commercial Mold Damage

Most people assume it’s only black mold they should worry about, but all mold has the ability to become toxic.

People always look for a way to save money, and some people believe DIY mold removal is the answer. It’s not the answer. In fact, it’s a bigger issue. Mold removal requires remediation and mitigation with the help of a professional. It’s not for anyone to handle on their own. Removing mold without professional help typically means people do nothing more than cause mold spores to get into the air and spread rapidly throughout the home.

Turn off the air conditioner. Turn off the heat, and let someone come in and handle the mold problem with their professional equipment. Doing this allows mold to become stagnant in one area of the home or office without the systems circulating air throughout a home or office. Mold in the home and commercial mold damage requires a restoration company to help remove the fungus and handle proper deodorization techniques. and Let the pros from a restoration company do the work correctly when mold damage requires mold removal, mitigation, and remediation.
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The Proper Steps Following Water Damage at Home or Work

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The Proper Steps Following Water Damage at Home or Work

Water damage restoration is not an option when a home or business finds water damage. Whether it’s an inside job from a leak or sewer problem or an outside job caused by flood waters, water damage is not something that can be ignored for even a moment. Every second counts when water damage occurs in a building. The more time water is left sitting, the faster mold occurs and the more damage the water does to the structure. There are specific steps to take when someone finds water in the home or water in the business, and they’re outlined right here.

Call for Emergency Water Restoration Services

There is not a second to waste when water in the home or water in the business is a problem. Call immediately for help. Water restoration companies are open 24-hours per day. Water and flood damage are not things that honor nights or weekends or even holidays, so that’s why these professionals are always in the office to provide immediate restoration and mitigation services to people who find water in the home or water in the business.

Call Insurance About Water in the Home or Water in the Business

Before anyone does anything else, it’s imperative to call for insurance adjusters to come assess the situation. They’ll need to see how much damage was done when flood damage or other water was introduced to a house or office, and they’ll need to figure out how much they owe you to handle this situation.

Wait for Inspection

Before the water cleanup process begins, professional restoration companies inspect the water or flood damage. This step is not a waste of time. It’s imperative they do this to ensure there is nothing else of concern. The water is tested to see if its clean water or contaminated water, they see the property, and they figure out what it will take to fix this issue for a home or business owner.

Water Cleanup and the Drying Process

Once the inspect process is complete, it’s time to begin the water cleanup and drying process. Professional equipment is brought into the home or office affected by water to clean it up. It’s vacuumed up with this equipment, and the water is disposed of properly depending on what kind of water it is and whether it’s contaminated. Once this occurs, the drying process begins. Pros use equipment that can reach places a fan can’t get to so it helps with the process of drying these areas. This ensures nothing is missed, and no moisture is left behind for mold to find and begin its own growth.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is a simple one, but it does require the use of professional equipment. Once it occurs, it’s time for affected items to go through an extensive professional cleaning. Everything furniture to clothing and décor that is wet from flood waters or other damaging water must be cleaned professionally. This is especially true when the moisture damage is from sewage or another form of contaminated water.

The Restoration and Mitigation Process

This is the final process. This one might involve the help of a contractor if drywall must be replaced. It’s the act of putting everything in a home or office back together. It might be as simple as replacing drywall and painting a small area or it might be more complicated. Some damage requires major reconstruction and mitigation. The longer it is wet, the more damage occurs.

It’s a safe idea to call a professional right away to avoid as much damage as possible. The more damage is prevented when flood damage or other water enter a home or office, the less expensive and invasive it is to treat the issues later. Don’t let things sit while figuring out what to do about the problem at hand. It’s wise to handle water cleanup and mitigation right now the right way.
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Inside the Fire Damage Restoration Process

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Inside the Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire damage can be a very costly and traumatic experience. When a fire disaster strikes, homeowners have a great deal of problems with which they have to contend with. Depending on the severity of the fire, families will need a temporary place to stay, they have to deal with insurance companies and find a dependable company of professionals to take care of fire cleanup.

After the fire trucks leave, the cleanup begins. The property will have widespread damage that only a highly-trained fire damage restoration team can fix. These professionals will restore the property to its pre-fire condition. The deep-cleaning methods they employ will rid the home or business of smoke damage, soot damage and other odors that can linger in carpet, walls and upholstery.

Fire damage in the home needs a fast response. Companies that specialize in fire cleanup can tackle any problem, big or small. So even if there's fire in a business or commercial fire damage, fire damage restoration specialists will safely restore the property with as little disruption as possible.

Before help arrives, the property owner should do everything within reason to protect the home. Safely removing belongings that have soot damage or smoke damage is the first step after a fire in a home has taken place. Restoration professionals will then perform a fire damage assessment to determine the severity. During the fire cleanup, the roof will receive tarp and windows boarded if necessary. Fire in a home is generally on a smaller scale than fire in a business. However, the same steps will be utilized to eliminate the smoke smell and smoke damage, so that the property will be restored back to its pristine condition.

The removal of soot and the heavy smoke smell is an important step in restoring a home. After a fire in a home, soot and smoke smells can be embedded deep inside the structure, furniture, flooring and upholstery. Professionals will use a number of specialized cleaning methods to extract water and clean and deodorize areas of the home. Water damage can take place after fire damage due when firemen put the fire out. It is imperative that water be extracted during fire damage restoration to prevent the set up of mold.

Fire in a business or commercial fire damage can be far more costly. In most cases, the job is bigger and a business owner stands to lose a great deal of money while waiting for the completion of the fire cleanup. Smoke damage and soot damage in a business can be dangerous for customers to inhale. The complete remediation of odors and anything that can pose a threat to customers must be taken care of.

Commercial fire damage to hospitals, retail stores, food services and educational facilities is available 24/7. A fire damage restoration team can quickly provide services to help dry documents, restore and clean electronics and removal of the smoke smells and soot damage that can linger. When commercial fire damage happens, professionals will get your office space cleaned and deodorized in no time.

Fire in a business can be devastating to the owner's bottom line. Time is of the essence. Unlike a fire in a home, a business needs to be up and running as soon as possible. There may be a need for other repairs such as replacing carpeting, ceilings, drywall and furniture. A service professional will walk the homeowner through the entire process and answer all of their questions.

Anyone who has lost their home or business through a fire should contact a fire damage restoration specialist as soon as possible to help restore it to its pre-fire condition.
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Tips on Mold Removal

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Tips on Mold Removal

Molds have their place in the environment, just like any other component of nature. However, mold damage can be an insidious problem for homeowners because of the costly mold removal, deodorization, and remediation process. In this regard, learning how to get rid of harmful fungus entirely may protect the value of a property and the entire home without hiring commercial mold damage specialists.

The major equipment of mold damage remediation includes an air scrubber and a dehumidifier. The humidifier lowers the humidity levels in the affected regions for mitigation of fungus development that causes mold damage. The air scrubber helps in deodorization of smelly odor and filtering out fungus spores when removing the affected material. Commercial mold damage specialists recommend the following steps of removing mold.

Locating the Existing Fungus in the Home

This is the first phase of mold removal, mitigation, and remediation. The search for areas with mold damage should begin from the moisture rich areas because mold is likely to develop from damp places such as kitchens, bathrooms, and the basement. Mold is easily detected by sight and smell since the mildew produces a distinct musty smelly odor. Areas that have experienced water damage are the main harbors of mold in home. Fuzzy-looking spots are a sign of mildew and mold. One may seek help from commercial mold damage specialists in case the mold is hard to detect.

Blocking of Leaks

After locating the mold in home, it is important to obstruct the source of moisture which is the primary requirement for mold growth is a source of water. Mitigation of mildew growth can be achieved by sorting out the humid and damp regions. At times, it might be elusive to pinpoint leaks, hence the need for services from a leak detection company. The mildew infested area should be sealed to prevent further spreading of mold in home.

Mold Removal

It is important to wear latex gloves, safety glasses, and a respirator before beginning. If the mold infested area is dry, it should be sprayed lightly with water to lower the incidence of airborne spores during cleaning. Commercial mold removal products can be purchased from home repair or hardware stores.

Detergents and a sponge can also be used to remove visible mold from hard surfaces like metal. Porous surfaces such as wood or drywall may lack an easy cleanup method. Therefore, they may require cutting away and replacement. The equipment, sponges, and any other material used to clean the mold in home should be placed in a heavy garbage bag. If possible, the garbage bag should be removed via a nearby exit and not through the main house to prevent distribution of mold spores. The house will also require some deodorization to get rid of smelly odor.

Preventing Further Mold Growth

Mold spores and fungus are fed by water or moist air that condenses on reaching the dew point. To avoid future mold development in the home, it is important to control the moisture levels in the attic, inside the house, and under the house. An attic fan with a humidistat can pull significant amounts of moisture from the attic during winter. The kitchen and bathroom can be fitted with vent fans that are vented to the exterior of the house, and not to the garage, foundation or attic.

Plumbing, foundation or roofing leaks should be repaired and dried out immediately. Mold infested cardboard and floor coverings will require being discarded. Wood in the foundation and attic should be treated with baron-containing products. It is also important to take action immediately a damp, smelly odor is detected in the house.

Mold can be a bigger nuisance than a little brother in elementary school days. The long list of cons makes it an issue that should be handled with urgency. Commercial mold damage specialists should be contacted for mitigation, remediation, and deodorization in case of adverse mold growth.
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Tips for Dealing with Flood Damage in Your Home

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Tips for Dealing with Flood Damage in Your Home

Dealing with water damage in the home can be devastating and costly. Even if you don't live in a flood zone, there is still a chance that you can have some flood damage that ravishes your home. There are a variety of things you can do to ensure that your house stays dry and clean no matter what the issue happens to be. Whether this be a leaking pipe or a full-blown flood in your neighborhood, there are ways to prevent excessive damage and clean it up once it strikes.

Preventing a Flood

Before you deal with any water in home or water in business, you need to take steps to prevent it altogether. This might include taking out an insurance policy that covers flood damage and water damage. This coverage will often pay for the mitigation of flood damage, preventing you from having to pay it all upfront.

If you have older piping throughout the home, it's crucial that you have it inspected and repaired regularly. A burst pipe might not seem like such a big deal, but it can cause an enormous flood throughout the house in just a few hours. This could all be prevented if you just checked for leaks and floods, making it a habit to inspect the home regularly.

If you happen to live in a neighborhood that gets a lot of flooding, consider putting a barrier around the property to prevent excess flood water from entering and going into the basement of your home. Water in home and water in business can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damages, so preventing the flood from even entering the building is key. If need be, consider moving to another area that doesn't deal with as much flooding so that water damage mitigation is a thing of the past for you and your family.

Insurance and Coverage

If you have flood damage and water damage coverage on your property, chances are that it will pay for the mitigation and water cleanup. Restoration is vital when getting your home or office back to its former glory. If you contact a local water cleanup or mitigation company, don't be surprised to hear an extravagant amount that is next to impossible to afford if you don't have some type of insurance coverage. While it might seem annoying at first to pay for this type of insurance, you'll be glad that you did when water damage becomes a true issue.

Calling a Remediation Company

A mitigation company is there to help with water cleanup and the drying of your home or business. Water in home or water in business can be problematic in a variety of ways. For one, if the proper drying techniques aren't implemented, the water can begin to grow fungus and mold, which is incredibly unhealthy for you and your family to be living around and breathing. Restoration involves doing a thorough inspection of the house for any mold spores, and then the company will begin drying the area to prevent it from growing altogether.

Water cleanup and property drying only takes a few days, so you'll have your home back to normal shortly after dealing with a flood. Water in home and water in business properties shouldn't be cleaned up on your own because there are specialty tools and measures that need to be taken to thoroughly repair the area. Restoration can be pretty expensive, so you should either work with your insurance company on the price for the project or come to a deal with the remediation company themselves. If you are dealing with damage from a flood, it's time to contact a local restoration company to dry out the home or office and bring it back to its former self. There is no reason to try to do this job on your own when there are expert companies willing and waiting to help.
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