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What to expect after flood damage.

11/12/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What to expect after flood damage. Piles of debris after flooding.

Large flood damages hundreds of homes.

Floods tend to create damage on multiple homes and businesses. It creates a chaos in the disaster and restoration industry. Here are 4 situations you may encounter after full scale flooding has occurred in the Bloomington, MN areas.

  1. Waiting for insurance adjuster - the insurance adjusters are swamped and it could take weeks before one comes by to handle your claim.
  2. Municipal services on hold - Trash collectors, power companies, and plumbers are going to be very busy. Expect long wait times.
  3. Multiple visits from restoration company - Demolition will start first. If you have electricity they can place air movers. When building materials are stocked again the restoration will take place.
  4. Long turnaround for insurance payout - Insurance companies have a lot of claims to process and will take a long time to payout. You may have to use credit and savings until the insurance company can payout.

Can mold grow in your home during the winter?

11/12/2017 (Permalink)

Yes, mold can grow during the winter in your Richfield home.

Mold is not usually a winter type organism. In fact, mold really likes the same temperature and moisture as most people, according to the EPA. Therefore, if your home has moisture and heat then it doesn't matter if it's cold or hot outside, mold will grow.

The main culprit for mold in the winter is due to ice damming. When an ice dam is present on the roof it allows melting ice and snow to seep under the shingles and into the home. The leak is too slow to catch the eye of the homeowner until it is too late.

In most cases the owners of the home don't know they have a leak until the drywall starts to crack or the mold starts to grow inside. But the damage is done and if there is mold on the outside, there will be mold on the inside.

Does my insurance cover mold?

11/12/2017 (Permalink)

Well, it depends on the insurance company.

Here in Bloomington, MN and in most states homeowners have insurance to cover damages caused by water and fire. However, when it comes to mold there is a little bit of a grey area.

Mold is considered a "secondary damage" to the insurance company, or a problem caused by the first damage, i.e., a broken pipe. Mold takes about 24-48 hours to grow after the water loss has occurred. The key is to have the broken pipe or cause of the water loss mitigated before the mold starts to grow.

Some insurance companies do not cover mold damage at all. If you need mold cleanup it will come out of your pocket. Some insurance companies have minimal mold coverage and is usually capped at $5,000.

But if you don't want to worry about mold coverage just make a call to your local water restoration company. Their quick mitigation response will keep the mold from being a problem in the first place.

Personal Referrals for Restoration

11/7/2017 (Permalink)

Personal Referrals for Restoration

Use referrals from friends, neighbors, workmates, contractors, and family members who have experienced an electrical fire before. You can get the best results if you use a fire restoration company that has experienced technicians who have been tested and tried. The best referrals can be from people who have been struck by an electrical fire, soot damage, smoke damage, or fire damage situation in the recent past.

Degree of fire damage, smoke damage, and soot damage

It's important to know the extent of the fire damage or utility room fire before contacting a commercial fire damage restoration company with a fire truck, fire sprinkler system, and a fire hose. This is important because you may need to hire another expert to repair electronics or other appliances that may have been affected by the electrical fire or soot damage before the damage escalates. Soot damage and smoke damage can quickly start discoloring your walls or stain certain expensive electronic appliances in your office.

Equipment and technology

Remember to ask the firefighters about the technology they apply in their fire cleanup processes and whether they have all the necessary equipment such as fire hose, fire truck, and fire sprinkler system for executing the fire suppression project. The company should have sufficient tools and equipment to avoid shortage when a big calamity strikes in several places at once. Endeavor to hire professional firefighters with a good reputation in your neighborhood.

Availability and accessibility

The fire restoration company should be available 24/7 and accessible. Disaster can strike anytime, and thus you need to choose a reliable fire restoration company that can come to your rescue whenever you experience an electrical fire or a utility room fire in your residential or commercial building. Also, make sure that the fire restoration company that you choose offers a wide range of utility room fire remediation and fire suppression solutions. This is critical because you can hire a fire restoration service provider and realize later that they can't handle certain utility room fire restorations due to lack of a fire truck, fire sprinkler system, or fire hose.

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Repair Methods of Storm Restoration

11/7/2017 (Permalink)

Repair Methods of Storm Restoration

Specialists deploy many methods of curbing damage in their quest for home restoration. Storm remediation and storm restoration require an assessment to evaluate the extent of storm damage then determining the most suitable process of water restoration, such as using flood pump. A flood pump works to pump away excess flood water and ground water in the process of water restoration and thus home restoration.

Frequently flood water combined with wind both of them have a toll, uncovering a person's possessions to the outside weather and undesired trespassers. Professional specialists can help with the home restoration!

Since emergency situations do not have a schedule, almost all professional recovery teams are available around the clock, in readiness for when disaster strikes. They try to make the process of recovery as quick and well done as possible.

In conclusion, a natural disaster such as flooding from ground water, even ice dams in frozen pipes causes such damages as hurricane damages and inherently a lot of frustrations. It's, therefore, the duty of a homeowner to seek professional help for assistance with home restoration.

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Choosing a Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Company

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Choosing a Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage can be very devastating and costly to repair for residential and commercial building owners. It's very crucial to proceed with caution after commercial fire damage. You should never try to do any cleaning or repairs without contacting a professional firefighter or a commercial fire damage restoration company. If you try any DIY project, you may any end injuring yourself and the neighbors or making the utility room fire even worse.

In the event of a utility room fire, smoke damage, or commercial fire damage, you should alert your insurance company and take as many photos as you can for evidence. The next step is to contact an experienced commercial fire damage restoration company who can help suppress the fire and initiate fire cleanup and repair process. Here are tips on how to choose the best firefighter and commercial fire restoration company that has experience in fire suppression:


You ought to ensure that you choose a fire remediation company that has firefighters who are licensed to handle fire damage by using equipment such as a fire sprinkler system, fire hose, fire truck, and understands all aspects of fire damage. Check whether the company has any complaints leveled against them on the Better Business Bureau.

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How Should You Respond to Residential Fire Damage?

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

How Should You Respond to Residential Fire Damage?

Have you ever visited someone's home and noticed visible signs of fire cleanup weeks, months or even years after a fire? Even when a homeowner removes burned wood or other materials from a room where a conflagration occurred, subtle traces of soot damage and smoke damage may remain. These signs may cause the home to appear unattractive long after the fire board up of an impacted room ends!

The Aftermath of a Fire in Home Settings

Occupants of the home may adjust to living with obvious signs of fire damage in the absence of a formal fire restoration process. Yet unless they follow the example of many businesses and request assistance from a trained fire restoration company, a lingering smoke smell may still pervade the premises long afterwards. Just as commercial fire damage warrants a prompt response after a fire in business settings, homeowners should seriously consider seeking professional assistance from a qualified restoration company following a fire in home environments.

Effective, timely fire damage restoration can remove the smoke smell and restore treasured personal items to an attractive condition. This process may prove very cost-effective over the course of time. After a fire in home settings, who enjoys residing in quarters which reek with a persistent smoke smell? No one prefers smoke damage in a home. Contacting a skilled fire damage restoration firm can help your household permanently remove soot damage, smoke damage and other unpleasant fire damage signs. Consider treating your residence with the same respect you would show to your workplace following a fire in business areas. The board up and fire cleanup process proceed more quickly and smoothly with a trained fire damage expert in charge. Today many homeowners request assistance from a restoration company in this situation.

Another Long Term Advantage of Seeking Restoration Company Assistance

In addition to enhancing the comfort of household members and visitors, consider that a qualified restoration company may help you restore your home to a more marketable condition following a fire in home settings. Just as these firms help alleviate commercial fire damage, they often help homeowners restore a residence's appeal to prospective buyers. You'll still need to disclose the occurrence of fire in business and home environments when you place property on the market, of course.

However, real estate buyers won't notice a noxious lingering smoke smell on the premises after thorough fire damage restoration. The restoration effort won't end with the fire cleanup and fire board up efforts when you pursue this course of action! By carefully removing soot damage and smoke damage from upholstery, drapes and carpeting, fire damage restoration companies can help ensure a more comprehensive fire cleanup effort. Business today usually seek assistance with restoration following commercial fire damage. Savvy home sellers appreciate the need for this service, too.

Make An Intelligent Choice to Address Fire Damage Comprehensively

Even a small kitchen fire can pose a headache for homeowners. It makes sense to respond to this type of emergency just as successful enterprises do after fire in business venues. These entities generally pursue the most effective commercial fire damage solution by seeking expert restoration assistance. A growing number of restoration firms offer fire cleanup assistance to homeowners today, too.

In former eras, some homeowners would simply board up damaged rooms in a home until they could replace burned construction materials. Today, more people appreciate the importance of complete restoration efforts, cleaning which goes far beyond simple soot damage removal. If you ever suffer fire damage in your residence- even minor fire damage, consider seeking capable restoration assistance from qualified experts. Taking this step could save you money over the long term!
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Professional Storm Restoration Of A Home Damaged By Floods

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Professional Storm Restoration Of A Home Damaged By Floods

Mother nature gets furious and unleashes her many ways of rampage to the planet on several occasions. Flooding is one way in which natural disaster strikes. River flooding can occur as soon as the water banks burst and thus water restoration comes to be of need. Numerous homes close to water bodies are prone to home damage due to river flooding and also account their significant losses to storm damage. Storm damage, as well as hurricane damage, can come about when the flood water couples with robust wind damage which also causes roof damage.

Elements of Disaster

Ground water can cause flooding as flood water flows freely by gravity. Ground water sweeps away anything, and create storm damage. When coupled with wind damage, ground water can rip off buildings causing severe storm damages.

Roof repair and storm restoration experts say that hail damage dramatically contributes to roof leaks. Hail damage bombards roofs bringing about roof leaks.

Wind damage is also bringing about the need for roof repair whenever there are roof leaks. It causes roof damage and occasionally roof leak. In extreme case of tornadoes, hurricane damages are devastating and lead to costly home restoration. A hurricane damage can be spontaneous and incorporate many of others such as hail damage. A skilled professional will help in roof repair of roof damage. Storm restoration also involves prevention against subsequent river flooding through storm remediation.

In addition to storm remediation, water restoration is one other thing that the professionals help victims to deal with by installing flood pumps. After a river flooding that causes the need for flood pump, victims immediately need to follow safety precautions and contact the nearest qualified storm restoration professionals. The storm remediation professionals double as excellent advisors. They give recommendations on the plans to settle and recover quickly from the flooding by installing flood pumps by the process of storm remediation.

Ice elements

Ice damage occurs whenever ice settles on the roofs in excess. Ice damage results when an ice dam accumulates behind a structure or component, a process called ice damming. Due to its excess weight, after ice damming the elements in the ice dam are too heavy for a structure, and thus it breaks, causing ice damage. Frozen pipes in the cold season's burst after the ice dam inside them expands before thawing. Frozen pipes that cannot withstand the pressure of the ice dam and ice damming inside the frozen pipes break, thus ice damage needs restoration to its better state.

Seek professional help

With incredible rapidity, hurricane damage and ice damming could inflict intense damage to any property. Hail damage, wind damage, lightning, tornadoes, and also ice damming can damage rooftops and thus residences, so the first concern in case of a natural catastrophe would be to put a stop to further destruction such as frozen pipes and flooding by storm remediation.

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Water Restoration: The Process of Restoring the Damage

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Restoration: The Process of Restoring the Damage

Whether you have water in home or water in business, the goal of dealing with water damage will almost be the same. That goal is to return the home or business to the same condition it had been in before the flood of water from the supply line break or leaky roof or dishwasher from flooding the home. Many times water cleanup companies will provide you with 24/7 emergency service because flood damage grows worse the longer you wait for restoration services.

Damage Assessment

One of the first services a water cleanup company will do is make a flood damage assessment of the water in home or water in business. First, they will check if the water damage stems from sanitary or unsanitary water. They will also look at the kind of contaminants in the source of water. The worst kind of flood damage stems from sewage backup and unsanitary water because the water damage can be hazardous to your health. A restoration company will often employ the use of an infrared probe to determine what kind of damage has been caused.

During the damage assessment process, the restoration company will also look at the best methods to restore the damage for the water in home or water in business.

Mitigation of the Water Damage

The next step in the process involves the mitigation of the water damage. During this stage, water cleanup will snap into progress and drying of the water will take place. The drying will happen with dehumidifiers, fans, air movers and air scrubbers, and the restoration company will most likely have special hardwood drying machines to handle hardwood flooring if you have any. Special restoration methods will also occur in the water cleanup stage where they will handle toxins and molds present in the building.

Restoration After Flood Damage

After flood in home or flood in business, the restoration company will set to restoring the wood, carpet, stone, tile and laminate flooring. The restoration of walls will also focus on drying them out. The mitigation company will also look at whether the mold is present inside the home, and they will use special techniques to replace the mold within the home. The pipe break could also do damage to the cabinets, and they may be in need of a complete restoration to the flooded home, depending on the extent of the damage and if it was a supply line break.

Understands the Health and Safety Standards

Your mitigation company understands water in business and water in home safety code standards around mold and asbestos. Your flooded home specialists will ensure that where you're at remains a safe place to be. For example, after a supply line break, they will look at what the cause of the break was so that they can fix it better. In some cases, it had to do with defective or low-grade materials that caused the supply line break and the flooded home. In some cases, you could file a lawsuit against the company for a pipe break.

Making Sure Your Home is Safe to Live In

A flooded home comes with all sorts of problems like damaged walls and floors and mold everywhere. A poor response to the problem can exacerbate the issues and cause more of a problem. As soon as you notice a pipe break or water flooding the home, you should immediately address it with a professional company who has been through the process before.

No matter what kind of issue you might be facing with a flooded home, a professional restoration company will be your best bet because they understand what it takes to handle a pipe break or leak in the roof, and they can keep the damage from compounding into a more expensive problem. A water cleanup company gives you the best chances at a full restoration of the home.
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Professional Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Professional Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

If you are experiencing utility room fire or electrical fire, getting fire suppression support is important. Any business owner is aware of the devastation that could result from utility room fire or electrical fire. The majority of them have decided to use modern technology tools such as fire sprinkler system in their business premises.

Importance of fire sprinkler system is that it can detect heat level change in a room, trigger an alarm, and open its valve to spray the water. Fire sprinkler system is a mitigation effort that could contain the small fire, but intensified utility room fire or electrical fire may require a quick external response.

Fire suppression is done by both the fire sprinkler system and the firefighters after detection of utility room fire or electrical fire. The arrival of firefighters with their fire truck is important. They come to back up the fire sprinkler system and are more equipped and skilled to handle all types of fire outbreaks. A fire truck is filled with water and fire redundant chemicals. It is injected through the fire hose at high pressure to make sure that the flame is destabilized.

Firefighters also try their best to reach out the burning areas and could break into doors and windows. The fire truck may also be brought closer to the building thus damaging the landscaping as the fire hose is pulled on the ground. Apart from the fire damage, you will experience floods, smoke damage, and soot damage.

Commercial fire damage is usually extensive because other than the burning, smoke damage and soot damage, pressure from the fire truck and fire hose swirls things in the house. Documents and computers become wet, and tables and chairs are overturned. The charred mess and flooding floor makes the place look like a cave.

After the firefighters have completed their duty, they pack up their fire hose and drive off the fire truck from the scene to wait for another fire distress call from someone else. For you, it is time to grapple with loss, the charred mess, flooded floor, strong odor from smoke damage and ashes and dust from soot damage make an ugly scene. You do not want to see this, it is not something you can feel comfortable to repair on your own, and neither do you have the knowledge and skills on how to start fire restoration.

For quick and detailed fire restoration, using professionals is important because they will ensure that your business is back on its feet within a few days. Commercial fire damage restoration services are within reach, and you could contact them immediately the firefighters are through with fire suppression mission. Professional fire restoration teams are usually organized and equipped. They execute their services is a planned way leaving nothing unturned.

The importance of working with professional fire restoration teams is that they could help you in the documentation of your loss for insurance claims. They also have a specialized approach to handle fire damage,soot damage, water damage, and smoke damage. At the end of their services, you will not believe that a few days your business was a charred mess. The professionalism of the fire damage restoration team is simply amazing and quick. They rectify every damage that the firefighters, with their fire hose and fire truck, caused while fighting the inferno.

Finding the right fire restoration services should not give you sleepless nights, they are within reach and can find them through simple web searches. Remember commercial fire damage restoration should commence immediately after the fire suppression mission is done. This will prevent adding on top of fire damage other complications that could cost you more money and cause more loss.

Soot damage and smoke damage would be cleaned and walls restored. They could also repair all the items that had minimal damage. Since the professionals know, what time means in fire restoration, their response is usually quick to plan and begin their work.
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